RETScreen Training Workshop

RETScreen Training Workshop     August 5th – August 7th, 2014     Farmville, VA

This workshop is offered through the Agricultural Energy Efficiency Initiative: A Farm Energy Program for Southside and Southwest Virginia which is supported by a 2014 grant from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Revitalization Commission and is supported by Virginia Cooperative Extension Community Viability and the Virginia Tech Biological Systems Engineering Department

Focus of Workshop:

  • Energy cost-saving opportunities
  • Clean energy generation
  • Costs associated with project design alternatives
  • Potential GHG emission reductions
  • Financial viability
  • Tools for assessing risks for various types of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies

Materials from Workshop 

Day 1: Tuesday, August 5th 8:30-5:30


Welcome and Introductory Presentation, Ignosh

Introduction to Course, Michael Ross, RER Energy

Notion of “Pre-feasibility” Project Analysis, Ross

Overview of Project Financial Analysis, Ross

Case Studies

Day 2: Wednesday, August 6th 8:30-5:30


Energy Efficiency and Basic Building Modeling, Ross

Case Studies


Day 3: Thursday, August 7th 8:30-12:30


Tracking Facility Energy Performance with RETScreen PLUS, Ross

Case Studies