Energy Savings Through Lean Thinking in Forest Products Industries

AEEI Workshop Series:

Energy Savings Through Lean Thinking in Forest Products Industries

An important component of manufacturing cost is energy management and more needs to be done throughout the region to provide effective and efficient training programs that help the industry to understand and implement best energy management practices. The proposed workshops will introduce the concept of lean thinking and how this concept impacts energy consumption. Tools to identify waste will be introduced and procedures to calculate potential savings will be demonstrated using existing energy recommendations databases. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate how energy management practices have been implemented in similar industries.


  • Introduction to lean manufacturing. How is lean manufacturing related to energy savings?
    • Value stream mapping (VSM)
    • Incorporation of energy consumption into VSM
  • Using energy management systems (EMS) for decision making
    • Data mining
    • Data analysis
    • Decision making
  • Energy audits. Integration with lean tools
  • Case of study 1: best energy saving recommendations in the forest products industry
  • Case of study 2: Kaizen groups and impact on energy consumption
  • Group activity: Data mining and trend analysis of energy consumption

For more information please visit: or refer to this flyer: Energy Savings Through Lean Thinking

Workshop Point of Contact

Dr. Henry Quesada-Pineda
Assistant Professor
Phone: 540-231-0978
Brooks Center (0503)
1650 Research Center Dr.
VA 24061
Email:   Website: Sustainable Innovation Management

Henry works in the area of continuous improvement and organizational innovation with applications in sustainable material-based industries. He is also interested in studying supply chain management and international marketing. He teaches the courses SBIO 3464 Forest Products Business Systems, and SBIO 3954 Global Issues Sustainability. Before Henry moved to VA Tech in 2008, he was a faculty at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Costa Rica Tech) for 10 years. He is a member of the Decision Science Institute, the Forest Products Society, and the Society of Wood Science and Technology.